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BCCT Products Range

These are some of the different items in our BCCT Product Range.   Most of our products are in a constant developement stage as BCCT and ourselves want to provide the best possible products for the keen angler.

50mm & 37mm LED Tip Lights

Both sizes of our LED tip lights are suitable for any type of night fishing or as use as an attractor. There is no need to miss a bite in the dark again!
They can be supplied in six (6) different colours in the 50mm size.   The 37mm size tip lights can be supplied in five (5) colours.

The 50mm tip light is ideal for sea and freshwater fishing, whilst the 37mm is mainly used in freshwater fishing.

The 50mm tip lights are ideal for sea fishing at night where you need illumination on your rod tip. These new generation of LED tip lights we believe, are the brightest on the market and the batteries will last 50 hrs+, some anglers reporting they have had them last for 80 hrs and more.
Both sizes great for any type of night fishing, sea or freshwater.

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75mm 2 in 1 LED Flashing Squid Attractor / Tip Lights

The lights are supplied as a static light with your choice of colour or they can be supplied as a changing colour. They change from Blue to Red to Green in their cycle and are available in a 'fast' or 'slow' setting.

Transition Light 2 in 1 (graphic)

They can be used as a normal Tip Light as they come with 2 sizes of rod clip holder.

The flashing tip lights can be used as an attractor for squid, bass, cod, pollack and most fish caught off charter boats.

See the slow flash LED light in action.   Slow Flash LED Light

They can be used as an attractor in any deep water mark


These are the ideal battery for the BCCT Tip Lights (50mm & 37mm)

The CR435 3v 50mAh Li-battery for the 50mm Tip Light
The CR322 3v 18mAh Li-battery for the 37mm Tip Light

These Lithium Pin Cells are widely used in Fishing Tip Lights, Floats for night fishing, PDA stylus Pens with light fitting, miniture torches, archery products, LED sticks and more.

We can supply these in almost any amounts.

Nominal Voltage: 3.0V

Due to there being no IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) standard for these batteries, there is a lot of confusion about the height description.   We have tried to make it quite plain the actual measurments of these Pin Cells.  

measurements of cr435 battery (graphic)


These are the ideal battery for the BCCT fishing rod tip lights (50mm size) & (37mm size).  
These are supplied to us direct from the manufacturer who is considered to have the best quality & prices. The same battery is also produced for Panasonic.

             CR435 Battery (image)
Image for illustrative purposes only.

Fishing Tip Lights

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