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LED Tip Lights

LED Lights in our product range manufactured for us by BCCT.   Ideal for all types of night fishing.

50mm & 37mm LED Tip Lights

These fishing rod tip lights for night fishing are a new generation of LED tip lights which have received a very good reception from the fishing fraternity.   The Sea Angler magazine featured our tip lights in their 'New Gear Guide' back in the summer of 2016.   Some very good 'reviews' we have had can be found on our review page.
The colours available are as follows:

Type 37mm comes in Green, Red, Blue, White, Yellow, (total five colours).   Suitable for Freshwater fishing.
Type 50mm comes in Green, Red, Blue, White, Yellow, Pink, (total six colours).  
Suitable for Sea & Freshwater fishing.

the colours of the various tip lights (graphic)

Features of the 50mm & 37mm Fishing Tip Lights

Up to 80+ hrs battery life - Choose from red, green, blue, white, yellow, and pink Fishing Innovations Banner (image)
Waterproof up to 250 Meters - Level IP68
Ultra brightness over 100 Meters
Supplied with 2 x clip holders (small/large)
Slimline Design - Easy assembly on to rod or float
Powered by CR435 3v 50mAh Li-battery - Copper alloy body
Replaceable Battery
Supplied to you direct from the UK Dealership based in the Midlands.
These are very good, sturdy, bright, well made tip lights.
Buy the best, don't compromise on quality.
Ideal for any type of night fishing.

Fishing tip lights are an essential part of the fishing tackle for the modern angler, whether it be sea fishing or fresh water angling.   Don't ever miss a bite in the dark again.
The fishing tip lights are 50mm or 37mm in length.   For any type of night fishing we believe you need the best illumination available.   These exceptional fishing tip lights don't have to be whipped or taped onto your fishing rod and don't have to be thrown away. 
They come with their own clip on holders (1 x small 1 x large), so they should fit any sized rod diameter.   They can be clipped directly onto your rod tip in seconds and taken off and stored ready for your next trip at the end of your fishing session.   They also use replaceable batteries with up to a 80+ hour battery life, so no need to replace the tip light just replace the battery!
Fishing tip lights are often very bulky, unlike these which are very slimline and less likely to snag your line, nobody but nobody likes snap-offs.

The 50mm tip lights have been used by anglers adapting their bobbins to utilise them on their Carp rods or when fishing for Catfish.
The light clip shades the light from annoying your fishing neighbours.
BCCT LED light used on a carp bobbin (graphic)     The effect of a BCCT LED light on the carp bobbin (image)

These fishing rod tip lights can also be used in conjunction with many types of float.   This makes night fishing for the surface dwellers a real possibility, whether it be for sea species or freshwater species.
The 37mm Tip Lights can be inserted into the likes of the Drennan type insert floats for use at night or by using our float adapter tubing provided in the tip light packet.
We believe these are the best fishing tip lights in the market place to date

75mm 2 in 1 LED Tip Lights

  The lights are supplied as a static light with your choice of colour or they can be supplied as a changing colour. They change from Blue to Red to Green in their cycle and are available in a 'fast' or 'slow' setting.

     Transition Light 2 in 1 (graphic)     3 transition lights (image)

They can be used as a normal Tip Light as they come with 2 x clip holders or as an attractor on the end of your line for the likes of Squid etc.

See the slow flash LED light in action.   Slow Flash LED Light

Type 75mm Water Test                                    How to use the 75mm Tip Light


Fishing Tip Lights

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