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seven colours of the tip lights (image)

Updated FAQs for fishing tip lights

If you can't find your answer on our FAQ's page then please send us your query using the form on our Contact Page

Q&A.   Are there different sizes of these tip lights?

Yes, there are two different sizes 50mm and 37mm, we sell the 50mm version for mainly sea fishing and the 37mm for both sea fishing & freshwater fishing. Take a look at our payment page for all options available.

Q&A. Can you put new batteries in these fishing tip lights?

Yes, you can.   The batteries are replaceable and last up to 50hrs+.

Q&A. Can I buy spare batteries for the fishing tip lights?

Yes, on the Payment Page there is an option for you to buy up to four spare batteries.   The P&P cost is the same regardless if you buy one, two, three or four.

Q&A. What comes in the Tip Lights Packet / Is it ready to go?

In the packet you buy for £4.99 you receive; 1 x fishing tip light, 1 x Battery, 2 x rod clip holders (1 x small 1 x large) and a float adapter tube. Yes it is ready to go straight out of the packet.

Q&A. When do you normally send out the fishing tip lights?

The tip lights are normally sent out within two working days after receiving cleared funds.

Q&A. I have a shop and would like a credit trade account, do you do them?

Sorry we don't do any sort of credit accounts but we do supply the trade.

Q&A. If I buy more than one fishing tip light can I mix & match the colour's rather than have two the same?

Yes, please write in the "Add special instructions to the seller:" box during your transaction with PayPal, your choice of colour's. I.E. 1 x red plus 1 x green.
Otherwise you will be sent fishing tip lights with the one colour of your choice per the "colour's" box.

Q&A. Can the fishing tip lights be turned off?

Yes, simply take off the battery cover, take the battery out, turn it round and place back in the tip light and replace the battery cover until it is required again.

Q&A. Do the fishing tip lights come with free P&P?

No but there is only one charge of £2.50 P&P for the amounts you can buy on the website (at the moment).   So if you wanted one or four fishing tip lights it's still only £2.50.   There is nothing we can do about the postage costs but we do try to be fair.

Q&A. I live outside the UK mainland can I still order a tip light?

Yes but before you do please ask for a postage quote using our contact page . We can also put you in direct contact with our supplier if we think it would be beneficial to you.

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