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BLOG for Fishing Tip Lights

This blog for fishing tip lights will keep you up to date with anything to do with the fishing tip lights website and it's products.

red green and blue tip lights (graphic)


Update: It's been a while now since I updated this blog, so apologies for that. We now have quite a few places scattered around the country and on the Isle of Wight selling these lights for us, so that's going well. The manufacturers are progressing and improving the lights all the time. They know they have a unique product and want to keep it that way to stay ahead of the competition. Been a great first year with just one or two hiccups along the way. Here's hoping for another great year with improved availability around the country.

Update: We now have red, green, blue, yellow and white in the 37mm size. In the 50mm size we have yellow, pink, red, green and blue. six colours of the tip lights (image)

Update: We have now got the exclusive UK rights for these lights so looking for shops etc to retail them for us.

Update: New stock just arrived, along with lots of batteries so now fully stocked!.....for a while.

Update: Sea Angler magazine featured our tip lights in their 'New Gear' section in the June issue.

Update: Getting a lot of good feedback off Ebay and looking to have our own design on our next batch of lights.

Update: Had a look at the advert in the Sea angler Magazine and it looks good. Let's hope it generates some traffic to the website and some sales. Money well spent.

Update: Had confirmation from my supplier/manufacturer that the batteries are actually lasting 50 hours +. Things getting better all the time lol.  I will be changing the description on the adverts and the website to reflect that.

Update: Just been told that our first advert will be appearing in the next issue of the 'Sea Angler' magazine, due out on May 5th. Also there will be their opinion/review of the tip light in their 'New Gear' section in the June issue. So all looking good.

Update: Sorry guys, filleting knife sets will be another couple of weeks yet but will inform you as soon as they arrive, living on false promises here lol!

Update: We are getting a few filleting knife sets in, probably have them for next weekend.   As we say, a few!
Once they are gone they will be gone.
Consists of 3 knives, honing tool, filleting board all in their own carrying case with handle.
So keep looking back after next Friday 29th, we don't expect them to last long.

Update: All looking good after only a month and a half after launch of the website.   First advert going in the Sea Angler magazine next month, hopefully that should produce a few sales.

Latest Update: Another happy customer: "Got a couple of these lights and got a real surprise seeing just how bright they are. Thought they might just come off when casting but no problems, well pleased and would recommend to anyone. J.S. Kent"

Update: And yet another happy customer: "Thanks John received them o.k. first thing today, very impressed with the light and your excellent service will try them out tonight and certainly recommend to all my fishing mates, Take care all the best Martin" MW. Milford Haven

Update: Nearly at the end of our first month of trading and really can't believe the response.   Orders in from Spain, New Zealand, bulk orders in from UK shops and plenty of guys off the forums & EBay ordering the tip lights.   Far exceeding our predictions and expectations for the first month.   Thanks to all for helping us along our way.

Update: Got our first order from New Zealand today and already exported some to Spain so certainly getting the name out there!   All looking good & dandy. :-)

Update: Another good report from a satisfied customer - "I tried one of these tip lights out a few nights ago and must say they are fantastic, being a multiplier user tip lights were my pet hate as they have caused me loads of problems in the past but this particular one is very slim and gave me know trouble at all, well worth the money they get a big thumbs up from me" - TB Essex

Update 22 March: Getting asked about Credit Trade Accounts by a lot of shops, but sorry guys, it's payment up front first.

Update 18 March: Orders in from Spain and getting inquiries from Denmark & Holland so looking good.   One guy is testing the tip lights on his hook snoods off his boat for a while, so looking forward to his opinion and results in the near future.

Update 16 March:  A customer on another forum - wrote - "New brackets arrived yesterday, thanks for the prompt service and help." Good to know we are getting things right. :-)

Update 15 March:  A customer on one of the Fishing Forums wrote - "Hi everyone I got the chance to try one these tip lights out last nite well what can I say buy just simply awesome, I did have doubts whether it would stay attached and not go flying out of site on the first cast but it's very secure and it stands out lovely in the nite sky ! I would definitely recommend to anyone who wants to buy one , I will buy some more very soon" NV Bexley

Update 11 March:   We have had a few inquiries about small and large light clip holders, so what we have decided to do is include both the small & large clip holders in the price.   That should help and alleviate any one having problems fitting the clip to the rod. Now you get both! :-)

Update: Can you put new batteries in these fishing tip lights?
Answer: Yes, you can. The batteries are replaceable and can be bought on our payment page .

Update: Fishing tip lights are an essential item for the modern angler, whether it be sea angling or fresh water angling. Don't ever miss a bite in the dark again. These exceptional fishing tip lights don't have to be whipped or taped onto your fishing rod. They come with their own clip on holder.

Update: Only launched 3 days ago and already inquiries from Australia and France so thanks for that folks. Fishing Tip Lights now only £4.99 for one tip light / battery / clip holder. Straight out the packet, ready to go.

This video shows just how easy it is to fix and use these fishing tip lights.
Watch the Video

05 March 2016
We Are Now Open For Business!

03 March 2016
Just heard the fishing tip lights have gone through customs and are now on their way to the local dept for delivery.
Hopefully should be available from Monday.

02 March 2016
The video at the top of the page has been updated so take a peek and also check this new video below showing the waterproof properties of the tip lights.
Watch the Video

26th February 2016 The lights are finally being shipped out on Monday, so depending on the speed of the plane and customs, they should be on the shelves soon, at last, mucho pronto, hallelujah, praise be etc etc. ?
Apparently there has been a hold-up with the packaging but the wait will be worth it...honestly!

18th February 2016
This video shows the waterproof properties of the fishing tip lights
Watch the Video

16th February 2016
We are expecting the first delivery of the fishing tip lights in about 7 days.   As soon as they arrive I will post on here.   Please use our contact form to find out more details, pre-order, or to allow us to answer any individuaL or trade queries you may have.

If you would like to purchase one or more of our fishing tip lights then please visit our Payments Page .

If you are outside the United kingdom and anywhere in Europe please contact us through our contact page for a Postage Quote before ordering.

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